About Us

SpeedCounter is an easy-to-use software solution, made for local authorities for professional use. SpeedCounter offers solutions for standard needs, such as traffic monitoring, license plate reading and vehicle speed monitoring. While aiming to minimalize resource needs in the infrastructure, installation and maintenance, we provide industry-leading quality. SpeedCounter does not require a specific type of camera, it works on any camera type or VMS (Video Management Server) suitable for the ONVIF standard. Also it is easy to integrate into any kind of city management or road monitoring system. SpeedCounter delivers the standard video visualization features and the high-tech data collecting and alerting functions on the same user interface.

Why choose SpeedCounter?

Microsoft Windows platformSupports OnVif compatible (TCP/IP) camerasAlerting function (e-mail, sms)Alert database
Event query (optional video storing)Traffic monitoring (vehicle quantity, average traffic, per lane traffic) Speed monitoring (per vehicle and average)
Full support

Our professional specialists are at your disposal

Entirely customizable, modular

You can purchase the features of our solution separately

No specific camera requirements

Works with almost all kind of camera types or VMS

Standalone solution

Additional hardware for the operation, or the data storing is not required

SpeedCounter is available for Windows in two versions

SpeedCounter Standalone

SpeedCounter Standalone

Suited with a graphic user interface, standalone version is a standard traffic monitoring and data collecting software. It is a desktop application, which enables operators to observe up to 18 cameras on an entirely customizable multi monitor user interface. The software clients are connected to a main database, which enables personalization of functions and the needed camera recordings for all users.

SpeedCounter API

SpeedCounter API

Created for system integrators, API version includes embeddable software components for traffic monitoring and data collecting systems. The developer software kit enables users to create specialized user interfaces, using the same backend components. It contains surface elements in Windows .net WPF and WinForm based controls and classes, implementing interfaces required for backend connections, camera image visualization and controls, and options for various dialog windows or functions)

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